Unaity:Communication + AI + Blockchain Project

Unaity:Communication + AI + Blockchain Project

Registered as Switzerland company, Unaity is a blockchain-based Communication + AI project.

Unaity aims to become one of the world’s largest linguistic data integration platforms by gathering language data ​​and languages ​via translation, interpretation, and communication.  By using AI and blockchains for data collection and management, the platform would become a secured and transparent big data globally for IT infrastructure, travel infrastructure, educational institution, enterprise, government for the the realization of a smooth communication environment.

Key Points:

① Oyraa as Unaity’s main advisor

The project has already launched an interpreter matching service in Japan, Asia and  Europe.


②South Korea-based EBCOIN’s Participation

EBCOIN Project was launched by Professional South Korean engineer groups in e-commerce and payment to improve inconvenient tax refund procedures for travelers around the world.


③Payent System Platform Development by 2019 (Wallet Development Planned).
④Listing on  the world’s leading crypto Exchanges in 2018.
⑤Partnership with NEO’s wallet advisor O3 and available currency in NEO Platform.